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Buying or Selling Residential Property in NSW
Ever wondered what happens after you exchange contracts?  Who notifies the council and water authorities of the sale?
What exactly is a cooling off period is?  What happens with my loan once it has been approved?
Download the easy-to-read brochure prepared by Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW Division Ltd  for answers to commonly asked questions relating to the sale and purchase of residential property in NSW.

NSW Stamp Duty Calculator
How much is stamp duty?  When does premium stamp duty apply?
Link to the NSW Revenue website  and use their calculators to calculate duty liability before you bid or negotiate the purchase price.

First Home Buyers Assistance Schemes
What are the current benefits available to first home purchasers?
Are you eligible for first home buyer benefits?
Link to NSW Revenue website to find out more. 

Strata Living Guide
Buying into a Strata scheme in NSW?  Wondering what you need to know about about living in a unit, villa or townhouse?
Download this comprehensive and extremely informative publication compiled by NSW Fair Trading.   
Useful for owners and tenants to understand how strata schemes work;  the roles, rights, and responsibilities of owners, tenants and strata professionals.  Also deals with common issues that arise in strata schemes including practical guidance and answers to commonly raised questions.

Stewart Title Insurance

What is title insurance?  Do I need to take out title Insurance policy?
Access Stewart Title Australia's website for
 information explaining what title insurance covers including videos explaining real-life claims.

Deposit Power Deposit Guarantee Bonds
Buying a property but you don't have a deposit?  Is your deposit tied up in the equity of your existing home?
A deposit bond is a substitute for a cash deposit when purchasing residential property.  It can be used for all or part of the deposit amount up to 10% of the purchase price.   Find out more here.

Land Tax
Considering purchasing property as an investment?  You may be liable for land tax on your purchase.
Access the NSW Revenue website for information on when land tax applies, current land tax thresholds, or use the calculator to estimate the amount of your land tax liability on an investment property.

NSW Swimming Pool Register
Buying or selling a property  which includes a swimming pool or swim spa? 
Access the NSW Swimming Pool register for important information on registration laws, and certificates required when selling,  buying or leasing a property.  
Does your swimming pool comply?  Download the self-assessment checklist.
Also provides access to a list of private certifiers authorised to issue swimming pool certificates of compliance or non-compliance.

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