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Why choose us?

  • Experienced

  • Exceptional standard of service

  • Cost efficient

  • Courteous and helpful

  • Attention to detail

  • Long-term client relationships

  • Efficient

  • E-signing Technology 

Professional yet personalised service

Being a family owned and operated business means that we are able to offer a personalised service to our clients. 
We are happy to assist with queries and questions, and pride ourselves on keeping clients informed every step of the way.
No question is too small or too trivial.  

Digital Technology

There is a significant amount of paperwork and administration involved in buying or selling property.   Through the use of digital e-signing technology, we can communicate and take instructions from our clients efficiently and remotely, helping to provide a streamlined conveyance as well as saving time and money.

Environmentally Friendly

We aim to create a paperless office through the use of primarily digital documents.

Member of Australian Institute of Conveyancers (NSW) Division

Being members of the AIC means we are backed and supported by a professional body who represent licensed conveyancers in NSW.  The AIC actively promote, reform and improve the conveyancing profession; they encourage and promote the study of conveyancing amongst all their members; and encourage honourable conduct and best practices throughout the profession.  We are proud of our 20 year membership and relationship  with AIC NSW.   

Full Professional Indemnity Insurance

We are covered by a professional indemnity insurance policy  fully approved under the Conveyancers Licencing Act, and underwritten by  Vero Insurance and Alliance Australia Insurance Limited.

Actively transacting via PEXA

Having completed our first electronic conveyancing transaction in July, 2015, we are experienced members of this nationally regulated electronic conveyancing system,and are able to:-

  • Complete financial settlements and lodge NSW Land Registry documents electronically.
  • Perform property transactions in a faster, safer and more efficient way.
  • Provide our clients with faster access to cleared funds (usually within 20 minutes of settlement) .
  • Offer greater certainty of successful settlements.

Risk Management Accreditation

We hold a certificate of accreditation to confirm that we have met all criteria of the annual professional assurance program implemented by AIC NSW, verifying that our office follows good practice and procedures; undertake further education in addition to the standard licensing requirements; and thatweengage in a high level of risk management practice.

Advocate for Title Insurance 

Purchasing a property is one of he most important investments any of us will ever make - an investment that should be protected.

During the course of a purchase conveyance we will undergo searches to ensure that the property is correctly described; is free of any encumbrances; and holds Good Title.  Unfortunately, however, even the most diligent practices does not guarantee ownership is passed to purchasers absolutely.

We can arrange a Title Insurance policy for our clients so that they are confident they have the most comprehensive cover and protection available to them when buying a property.

Authorised Deposit Power Agent

We are authorised agents for Deposit Power and are able to issue Deposit Guarantee Bonds to eligible purchaser clients.

Deposit Bonds are especially useful to people who are buying and selling at the same time, where funds are tied up in the equity of their existing home and no cash deposit is available.  

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